Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Packing was terrible!  A horrible packer in general and I was so nervous about what to bring! It’s summer camp meets extreme physical competition. I was not worried about what clothes to pack, but I didn’t know what types of food to bring with me. I know I need gues and gels. I’m used to one 15 -20 mile race a week.  What quantity of food will suffice for one 30-40 mile race everyday for a week?

I am also very worried about my salt intake.  (People with CF sweat out a larger amount of salt than the average no CFer Joey Shmoey.  In the summer, I am a favorite at the bird exibit at the philadelphia Zoo.  The birds, who usual feed out of nectar cups you can hold out, usually just feel off the salt on my skin.) But I digress, I couldn’t find ‘salt pills’ anywhere. I checked all the local pharmacies, Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aide.  No one even knew what I was talking about.  My mom used to get me ‘salt tablets’ which were just a pill made of straight table salt.   I used to take them after any sweat fest, like a softball game, or after gym class.  I haven’t taken them in a long time.  Now I just eat gratuitousness amounts of salt in and on my foods.  I can monitor it that way.  However, on an endurance week like this, I won’t be eating the quantities of salt that I will be losing, so I need a supplement.
When I got to the campsite, Seven Mountains Campsite, I figured I would just eat all the chips and salty pretzels and keep up the intake of Gatorade.  Lucky for me, the entire race is sponsored by a company that makes ‘heed’ an electrolyte drink supplement.  FREE SALT FOR A WEEK! I am so relieved right now.  My one serious nutrition concern has been answered and I feel at peace…for now!

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