Friday, May 25, 2012


Oh boy. 

I must have been on a Mudder high when I was interviewing for the documentary they are making about the tsEPIC.  I told the shooter, Kurtis, that I wasn’t nervous any more!
I wasn’t, at the time, because I completed the Mudder’s monkey bars.  The monkey bars took about 45 seconds and all of a sudden I was feeling like I could trump the weeklong race they call the ‘EPIC’ ! It’s not called an epic for nothing!!

This happened when I met up with Kurtis, the film guy, and Kristin, the bike lady for a prerace capture and a fitting for the bike! You should see the bike!!! (look down <3) 

I got my new ride!!!! She’s a black beauty filled with matt love and hydraulic protection!  I picked her up on Tuesday, and I can’t stop peddling!!! After the filming, we went for a ride and ended up meeting with Jesse and some other team mates along the way!

(I am rocking the old uniform to preserve the new one) 
Dan, Kristin, Me, Jesse, and Buddy, (sorry buddy, I forgot your name!!) 

Right now, I am packing and I am getting more and more excited.
My phone is a buzz with emails and phone calls from team mates and room mates and in mates! (bahaha play on words, no actual inmates have emailed me). 

I have everything I need, but I am a little nervous about the heat.  It is supposed to be in the 80’s! The hotter it gets, the more salt I will need.  (People with CF sweat out more salt than the average sweater).  And, if I get behind on my salt intake, it will be hard for me to recover and be in the best shape for the next day.  

So here I go! I am off to prepare, get my legs warmed up and get going on this crazy adventure!

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