Sunday, April 22, 2012

Video Time: SO EXCITED!


Bonjour! Here we are! Video #1


I will either soc you a video or I will write!

Look for a new post every week!

 But I dont know what day, one day of the week will be the day of the week which I post and on that day, It will be the day.


UPDATE: The race I was talking about the Bike Line Spring XC @ FairHill was Postponed due to rain. (bummer!) (but I had time to post this!)
  It was rescheduled for June 3, 2012.  

2 comments: said...

Love your video. Looking forward to being on your team at the Transylvania Epic. By the way, I just did Tough Mudder. My advice: Run, run, run! Lot's of running. And yes, it's named tough MUDDER (i.e...lots of mud) for a reason. Best wishes. Nate

RoseForaReason said...

Hahahha OH PERFECT! I can't wait! Did you go through the electric fense!? We'll have to catch up when we meet at the Trans!
Kaitlyn Rose