Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leaf me alone! (Bahahah) (Its a play on words) ;)

Rocks Rock!
Leaves leave me smiling :)
Mudd makes me merry :()
Put them all together and you get the welcome back party that I had when I slipped out of my school coma and into being alive again! To be perfectly honest, if the leaves weren't there to cover the danger of having about an inch of thick mudd slipping around on the rocks that have moved alot since I have last been there.
I was able to get to the Wissahicken this weekend and it was FANTASTIC! I started doing the trail that Kristin trained me on almost two years ago! WHHHAAAAHTT!! Two Years?
That is CRAZY!
One (of the many) things that Kristin taught me was to celebrate little victories. This makes anything you are doing much much much more satisfying and motivating. Therefore, instead of looking at a downhill trail over rocks and a very large tree with a sharp turn, as an impossible feat... break it up!
Do things in pieces and celebrate when you are able to successfully navigate where you were having trouble.
With this theory in mind, I was able to hop over logs I was terrified of, and ride trails I was ready to walk.
It was a great day out! Nevertheless, it left me with one question...
When this tree fell in the woods, was someone around to hear it make a sound...
(That is my bike so you can get a feel for the size of that Phallen Philly giant)

Because it certainly made a dent, and it’s just physically not possible that it would crash without sound. Soo.....

The day was a great success, my Baby and my Soul needed a little outing to get in tune.
Back to the grindstone, as they say!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

16 DAYS!

and I am STILL putting things off...

So, as always, on my late nights, I like to check out every social media outlet before getting to down business.
I recently noticed that blogspot keeps track of all sorts of statistics for each page!


I am so excited!!!! So, I would like to leave a message for that person in hopes they will return. ever. :

I beaucoups need help speaking your language!
Write me une message!
Kaitlyn Rose

Thats French for:

I very much so need help speaking your language!
Write me a message!
Thank you!
Kaitlyn Rose

I have hopes of moving to France in the next 6 months, and can't wait to be a fluent speaker!  LETS Chat!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Pursuit

So I love the national anthem.
I understand America has its flaws, as all things do, but you can’t change who you are,
and you can’t stop loving you’re mother. 
The national anthem is like that time when you see that friend who always needs something from you, never gives you good advice but always makes sure you are not alone.
And they are happy-so you feel full.
And I love life.
I think being ecstatic, experiencing admiration and accomplishment are
the fruits of the soil that is made of
the beauty of defeat.

I love the freedom to be; the liberty, one might say, to realize you are.

And most of all...

I am hopelessly in love with The Pursuit.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Victory Lap!

Of course I'm not doing anything... I'm a senior!
Does that still count if I have been saying that since junior year? Je ne sais pas! MAIS!

Here we are! (<--- To be read in an English accent)

It's so early and I am working on my final project of my Undergraduate career and I said to myself 'OY! What do I love to do?'

The answer came easy - Most things

However, the problem will occur in 4 weeks when I graduate and need to choose something.

Lists remind people of things they are thinking about all the time, so I should make one for me tonight.

I have narrowed it down to several things-

My List: Things That Make Me Think I'm having heart Palpitations
Jumping off tall things
Climbing up tall things and looking down thinking, 'I really want to jump'
Mountain biking
Making videos to tell people about other people's greatness
Making music videos
The French (the language is so beautiful I cannot breathe sometimes and the people are wonderfully terrifying!)
A tender heart with which I can rest my soul

So, it makes complete sense that I am having a nightmarish time trying to read things about stuff other people did and repeat it.

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. I want to give a special shout out to my vest for keeping me seated long enough to get anything done tonight. Thanks baby <3

P.P.S. Most of my posts are updates on my nonriding status; this one was more of a venting session because the riding will come soon!