Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Killing Time

From time to time Frankiann and I get restless. So here are some suggestions to help you beat the winter time blues...

6 months pregnant and bored?

Only have one working leg?

Here is an example of what can be accomplished with a bun in the oven and a newly acquired ligament.



Thank God That Hurt!

As I tripped up the stairs yesterday I was so relieved to find that my knee was not totally healed!
I twisted foot which twisted my knee,

and it hurt!

I was so happy. I have been such a cry baby lately, moaning and groaning about not being a rafting guide this summer. It is one of my favorite things to do. I felt like not only was I advised to take the season off, but after 6 weeks of therapy I was back on my feet!

Twisting my ankle reminded me that even though I can do every day activities again, like walking up the stairs and bending my knee, I am not ready to jump into the river. And that was a bit of proof. It was what I needed to remind me to keep on track, even when it feels like I'm just coasting along.

Live In the Moment

I'm sorry sir.
I missed every other word.
My coughing my have seemed absurd.

The rattling and mess
inside my chest
just wont seem to give it a rest!

So, I'm sorry teacher.
I'm sorry mates.
I guess I don't sound so great.

I know what happened,
I can explain!
the answer is plain...

You see, my friends and I were having such fun,
and I didn't want to be the one
to leave the game and sit by myself...
and I never took my meds off the shelf.

I forgot that what I do right now,
is bound to catch up to me somehow.

So, I'm sorry Prof.
I'm sorry boss.
I hope this doesn't make you cross.

I want to play, work and learn,
but I keep forgetting,
that's a privilege I have to earn.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr. Visits!

Keeping up with the Jones'

When I went to the Dr. for my usual 3 month appointment, I was told that because I can't exercise, it was in my best interest to do more treatments to compensate for the effect that exercising has on my lungs.

I am going to start doing my vest 3 times a day. (Usually I do it once or twice.)
Clearly this means that because I will have more time on my hands while I sit around doing my vest, there will be a video. This will also help explain what 'the vest' is, if you are unfamiliar.

I think I will call it 'If Beethoven had CF'.

Keep an eye out for it!

A Very Personal Exert from April 20th, 2011

April 20th, 2011

Dear Diary,
I was a big dorko in New Orleans, and I came home with a incompetent knee.
Now, I have to get surgery and I am super nervous. I am not nervous about the surgery part, I have had plenty of procedures done before; but this is different. Usually the surgeon is cutting into my face to take polyps out of my sinus's. That's cake. This time, he will be replacing a ligament in my knee, the ACL, with someone else's ligament.

Yes diary, I know the original owner won't be needing their ligament anymore. Its still weird.

On top of that, I will be bedridden for several days. Followed by extremely limited activity for months. I am NOT GOOD with sitting still.

After it is all over with, I will have to go to Rehab, and exercising is out of the question for several weeks, even months maybe. EEEKKKK!!!

I am not looking forward to this.
Wish me luck!

Your pal,
Kaitlyn Rose Edith Broadhurst

P.S. I forgot to mention -On the up and up, I am about to be face to face with as much pudding and apple sauce as I can handle. There's a plus to every situation :)

Chuck Norris Doesn't Need Ligaments.

I tore my ACL a few months ago and never let you know. So now you know. (Sorry to leave you high and dry!)

My ACL was torn, leaving my knee is out of commission.

I tore my ACL when I was skiing in February. Like my arm there was very little that was epic about it.
T'was a beautiful day, I woke up, did not smell anything (as I cannot smell) but I knew that somewhere there were roses. 
I metaphorically watered the roses...
And then I geared up.

The slopes were Perfect! There was plenty of snow, lots of ski lifts, and people to use all of it. I was flying high!

It all went down hill, when I turned to look up hill...

I went to make my world famous turn and stop move.  (It's where you try to stop yourself in a turn).  And I fell.

I heard a pop sound, and thought "I know there are no rice crispy treats around here, hmm...."

I figured after 12 more hours of skiing and then realizing my knee was the size of  a football, that Id do best to rest it.
  I was able to walk around on it for several weeks without too much pain, but I knew something was wrong. I went to the Dr. who told me that I could wait to get it fixed as long as I was able to perform my daily activities. My daily activities at the time included going to class, running track, and intensely training for mountain biking season. (And several other challenging activities I took for granted, like walking up stairs, taking the dogs for a walk and painting my toe nails).

Clearly I chose to wait for post biking season to get the surgery. If I got surgery when he wanted me to, I would be out for the whole season, and I was not about to let that happen.

Well, as tradition would have it, I made my way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with family, when my whole life changed.

It was about about 9pm on Fat Tuesday, and I was hanging out on the dance floor (my favorite place to be). Looking fine and feeling good, I knew I had one dance move and one dance move only that needed to happen. I wound up, looked around, and made the move. Just as my leg was halfway through the air I felt a pain unlike anything else I had ever felt, and before I had my foot on the ground, I knew the Texas Round House Kick was reserved for Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris only. I could no longer bare weight on my leg. I attempted the move of a near god and landed among the mortals.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of my trip walking around with a leopard print cane. (courtesy of my sister Bernadette.)

I found out when I returned home that had torn my MCL. That, combined with a torn ACL, was too much for my knee and surgery was necessary.

Now, 5 months after my trip to New Orleans and two and a half months after my ACL replacement surgery, I am kicking myself for not listening to my Dr. to begin with.
I am out for the biking season, and not a happy camper.

Recovery has been my biggest challenge yet.


I am still
My heart wont budge
My shoulders await the sun
and my face; the wind
but still,
I am still.

I want nothing more than a deep breath
though that seems harder then ever

Yet still,
I am still