Saturday, October 2, 2010

Then, SHEBAMM! I was in Mexico!

Team CF Travels!

Stop #1: Mexico

Just after my first race (and by just after I literally mean less than 14 hours after I finished my first race) I was in Mexico!
My family usually vacations at the Jersey shore, but since my sister's occupation allowed for further travels, we went south of the boarder for sometime (and by some time I literally mean some time****).

Fresh off the plane, catching a siesta before the fiesta!

We stayed on an Apple Vacation's resort. I have never traveled with luxury, so this was a treat! My favorite part of the stay was biking into the town near by. We went with a small tour and rode cruisers. The area was beautiful! We were even able to jump off a dock into the crystal clear waters! FANTASTICO!

Stop #2:
Just a few months prior to Mexico, my friend, MagPie, and I went on an adventure. It was very similar to the Mexican escape, but on a different continent.
MagPie (yes, that's her real name) and I went to the land of Pasta, Pizza and Pretty Plazas, also known as Italy! More specifically, we mingled through Milan and where met Mandie, my other crucial comrade. (To your right is a snapshot taken of the lovely ladies, MagPie and Mandie, in the moment: willynilly, if you will.)

After our visit to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Magpie and I set out for the most beautiful city we had ever seen, Florance. We spent most of the time with our necks crooked back and mouths agape wander-lusting about. We even bumped into another old friend of ours, Dave. He was all about joining Team CF, but the shirt was a little too small.

Complements of Maggie Cepis Photography
(This picture was censored for family viewing)

This, however, was not the beginning of Team CF's travels across coasts and continents. The Traveling CF Sister Pants Shirts began in a little city I like to call 'la maison de mon coeur'*****, or NOLA BABBBBiIiIi!!!! I fell in love with New Orleans in 2008, on a trip to visit to my cousin, Matt, at Tulane University. When Mardi Gras came along in 2009, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. This is where The Traveling CF Sister Pants Shirt begin it's travels.

Here we are just outside of the home of
beignet and coffee
(pronounced BENYAAYY's and Coffahhs!).

Cafe Du Monde.

And here we have oldest church in Louisianan, St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. Just outside was the oldest form of transportation in the history of mankind, a horse and carriage. This method of travel predates the use of pieds, but was quickly replaced with two wheels and handle bars*. Which brings us back to ... Team CF. Funny how you can come face to face with your own history, isn't it?!

Ahhh, yes! The famous street car! This method of transportation dates back to the early 1750's when the city of New Orleans had extra rail road tracks left over from the construction of the transcontinental railroad. They laid the tracks in the streets of it's below sea level city, and secured it with cement to ensure safety. ** The cars used today are the original cars installed on the inaugural day of operation. *** These cars became an icon of NOLA, and are featured in such historical documents as 'A Street Car Named Desire'. The city did not seem to be extremely cycle friendly, but the street cars sure were fun to ride on! Here I am waiting for one to take me to the airport.

And In this one, Bernadette, my sister, and I are in a tree. . .

I plan on traveling more with Team CF Sister Pants Shirt, so Stay Tuned!

* This bit of history is completely fabricated and not historically accurate or true in any sense of the word 'true'.
** Although the transcontinental railway was constructed, nothing else about this sentence is trustworthy.
*** Again, A lie. Although, the cars are pretty old. Click Here for the actualy history.
**** My racing schedule only allowed for me to stay in Mexico for 3 1/2 days. Short and Sweet.
*****It's French