Saturday, July 10, 2010


For the last 6months I have been training for my race that is tomorrow and I am soo excited, nervous, anxious, and jumping out of my shoes to get going.

However, a little piece of peace came to me yesterday when I was hanging out in my pool with two of my best friends.

We act like we are 6 the second we see a body of water, naturally, and between the splash contests and handstand stand-outs, our water savvy abilities usually come up pretty even.

Yesterday, however, we had a breath holding competition.

I won.

I was able to hold my breath and swim the length of my pool. Twice. Without coming up for air.

I don’t know the reason exactly. It might be that I have been paying more attention to my vest and aerosol routine or because I exercise more vigorously.

All that I know is that last year was the second year in a row I was not able to swim underwater for two lengths of the pool.

Yesterday I could.

Coming up for that breath fresh air was like coming up for a breath of fresh air. I honestly felt like I was 6 again.

Whatever happens tomorrow will happen, but I know that something has already transpired; I feel like I could do anything I did when I was a kid.

So, I want to extend my deepest and most heartfelt 'Thank You' to anyone who is involved with TEAM CF.

Because there is always Hope, and now, I can feel it.

And a quick note to anyone I’m up against tomorrow. Take a deep breath, ‘cuss it’s on!

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Hunter said...

HAHA. Breath of fresh air. Congrats!