Friday, July 18, 2014

Spoiler Alert: WE MADE IT! What happened between then and now that will make you say WWWWhhatt!!!!!!!?????

"I am sitting here reliving our ride and I can't stop smiling" - Friday afternoon text from Pops

I can not believe I am sitting at home sipping coffee as memories of the English countryside, little French towns and big French inclines replay in my mind! (Not to mention all the in-betweens!)

This weekend I am compiling videos and photos from every day of our journey.  Then, starting Monday July 21, I will be posting Day by Day posts! Starting with Monday, We wake up on Day 1 and the adventure begins before we even get to the meeting point! With the possibilities of mechanicals, cramps and GETTING LOST fly through our heads and hearts. 
Relive the adventure of a lifetime with us!!
Here we GOOOOO!!!!

As Always, I can not say THANK YOU enough to all of our sponsors! You'll see how we say thank you on Friday!!! YYYEAAA BUDDY!!!!

See You on Monday!!!

P.S. If you'd like to ccontribute to our cause, the CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION, Please feel free! The links are on the right side of this post, and on the top!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Flight! Here we go!

Oh my!
I am currently typing on a French key board! So forgive my spelling mistakes! (every misplaced q should be an A)

I am lying awake in bed, it's 5:03 am and I recieve a text: 'I a just sitting here waiting! ' - Papa Dukes
It's go time! We weren't planning on meeting until 6am, but now I have an excuse to get going!

Go over my pqcking list
Play with the dog <3 am="" going="" him.="" i="" miss="" nbsp="" p="" to="">fiddle faddle
add last minute items
take a selfie with my little family
grab a kiss and Im out the door!!

I pull up to my parents house and Pops is looking out the front door!

"ready to go?" He asks
I know we are both going to have to demonstate a lot of patience to get on during this trip, and it is immediately apparent.
"Give me ten minutes on the computer"
He gives me a look.
"A few minutes here will save us lots of stress later" I say
He gives me the okay, and I know he understands.

An hour and a half later he comes into the compter room.
"Whats going on?" He is being patient
Luckily, I had just finished booking one of our hotels and our bus trip from Paris to London.

We load the car, kiss Mom, and make amazing timing (and gas milage) driving to NYC, thanks to my beloved Prius!

JFK was easy! We are through security and waiting at the Terminal; we decide to grab a bite and a beer. We are nervous and excited and relxed! We take a selfie and an announcement comes over the speaker: 'Iceland air flight 612 has been cancelled. Please come to the gate to recieve further instruction.'

Rut Row!

We find we are redirected to a direct flight, Air France! Collect our bags, bikes, and run across the airport.
We had to fight for our bikes to be transported! Repay for bike flight, and at 7pm (8hrs after e were suppose to take off), we were in the emergency exit seats, chatting with our neighbors.

8hr flight filled with fidgeting, trying to sleep, and 6hr time difference later we hear " We re preparing for landing at Charles De Galle"


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Got Some Air Time!

I'm refreshing my French for when my Dad is freaking out and I am saying something like "We lost dog city need shoes, restaurant. Please!?" for when we need directions....

My parents were never in a news studio, so they were unbearable.  Pops felt like a movie star, had my mom doing hair and make up and was demanding fresh Snickers.  My mom was his manager, with a makeup container, starbucs coffee and a large flash camera.
Here it is!

Actually they were adorable and excited to see where I worked! We can't wait for our trip!

I've added links to the top and right side of the page

Thank you so much for donating, reading, watching and supporting!

<3 a="" b="" for="" reason="" roses="" team="">

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It has been some time since I last posted, so let me fill you in on the latest:

Next week, on July 9th, My Pops, Dad, PAPA DUKES, Old Man, and I are RIDING OUR BIKES  FROM LONDON TO PARIS!

We set up the trip all by happenstance of pregnent sisters, non changing flights and an extreme desire to drink coffee in the French country side!  We book the trip in January, and through the snow, cold, rain and sudden heat, have been training our BUTTS OFF! LITERALLY!

I made a semi cohesive Video to start off our campaign! Check it out!

We are looking to raise $5000 AND THEN GET IT MATCHED!!  All of the money we raise is going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  A foundation that funds a vast majority of the treatments and technoligies and advances made towards treating and finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  We can not thank them enough for their support, love and passion for life! SO WE BIKE ABOUT IT!

We are so excited and can't wait to have you join us!
Of course we wouldn't leave The States without properly celebrating it's wonderful freedoms on the 4th of July!  We will relaz with family, friends firecrackers and hotdogs!
Then on the 5th, we hop on a plane to PARIS!  Pops has never flow over seas!!! He is as adorably nervous and a macho guy can be. (hehe)
We have a few days in Paris to acclimate to teh time and carb load on crescents, baguettes, and crepes!


Here is what our ride looks like:  

Day 1: London to Calais
Our challenge begins bright and early from Crystal Palace heading south en route to the coast.
Day 2: Calais to Abbeville
La belle France! Stunning picturesque countryside awaits us in northern France as we travel south.
Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais
Our route this morning follows the river Somme out of Abbeville.
Day 4: Beauvais to Paris
Our final day of cycling and the big push to Paris, our final destination. THROUGH THE ARC DE TRIUMPH!

We will be blogging and vlogging the whole time! AHH! I can't wait! And am SO SCARED! lol


All the love!
Kaitlyn Rose and Pops

It's your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness! Go get it! 


Monday, September 30, 2013

On Land! I am Working in French land in the middle of Baltimore that is!

A good friend once told me, There’s no reason you shouldn't be first’.

And I think of that every time I am faced with a challenge.   Looking for a job? I should be the one they pick.  Racing through the woods, I should be the one on the tallest podium (besides, I am in most cases the most vertically challenged).  You can make an excuse for anything, or you can make anything happen. 
I don’t always come in first, but I always do much better, work much harder and have a much better result when I have that mentality.  I recently spent 4 months traveling around the American continent on a Disney Cruise ship.  The stories I have are endless and will come out with time, don’t worry!   As of today, I am a waitress at a little French bistro in Baltimore city! So many reasons why I love and hate it.  And why I need the ‘There is no reason I shouldn't be in first’ mentality.  These are a couple reason why I love it and hate it:
It is now my job to make people feel like they are in a Parisian bistro! What?! Love it! That’s what I usually do when I’m out.  Now I am getting paid for it!  It is looked down upon to present the menu with a French accent at work though.  Hate it!

Rules: Hate it! I should have known what I was getting into when I took the job.  I struggled to learn French for 8 years because of the rules.  They are based on something somewhere that no longer applies and then spun off and intensified.  Every rule has 30 exceptions.  I didn’t have a patience or self control for that growing up, but I am living by it now! Not only am I serving French cuisine, the ambiance is Parisian, and my managers are French.  Of course there’s going to be more exceptions to the thousands of rules than the thousands of ridiculous rules.  And my earning a living depends on it!

 Everything movement we (the French servers) (I am French ;) ) make has a purpose.  The purpose is usually to abide by some sort of French rule or regulation.  Whether said rule or regulation makes logical sense is up for debate.  So I join the team, I learn a whole new way of serving, working, socializing and eating, governed by social standards and regulations.  Then,  I learn the rules doesn't actually ever apply because there are 20 exceptions in varying conditions.  After all, and I repeat, the rules have no logical base, so they will probably need to change to accommodate real life situations!


I thought living with CF was a challenge. Try living with the French! I am learning more and more every day.   I suppose I can attribute my new love for an old frustration on a more mature me, more focused me, more interested and  semi immersed  me (not to mention it has now become a necessity). It also could be that I’m scared shitless to do something wrong. And I love it!  The stress never goes away, the learning is endless and the rewards come frequently in small packages.  That is exactly how I love to live life.   Small moments, big rewards and lots of work based in love.  

And then, there’s the whine list. I mean wine list…

Shining Star Award: Of course I walked out of my heals in the middle of the dance floor.

I showed up with 14 of my closest relatives to the CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATIONS' WINTER BALL.  Eileen Miley, the director of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the CFF had informed me that I was being awarded the Shining Star Award…but had no idea EVERYONE was going to be there!
What would you say if you walked into a room and had the eyes and ears of everyone who ever helped you get through your adolescence, pushing through the hard times, and celebrate the good?
I say, let's Dance!  

The entire team of doctors who helped raise me at Dupont were there.  They were the ones who told me time and time again to keep on being me, and send pictures to them along the way.  My current team of doctors were there! My family was there. Team CF members and mechanical support (epic biking dads Matt and Shane) were there!

Once realized that I have 90% of everyone who has ever helped me get to where I currently was, my heart started to pound.

Usually I am most comfortable thinking about what I am going to say, and then finding the words as I start to say them.  But when Dr. Jim Wilson introduced me with an excellent speech about where I was coming from and where I was going and called me up to accept I had no idea where to begin.  I have received awards before, but nothing has ever meant so much.  

The Shining Star Award was for an award that was received by everyone in the room.  And I was to say thank you.

I started off by walking out of my heals on my way to the Podium. (Typical. I figured that I would when I put on the stilettos this afternoon.) In the middle of the dance floor with all eyes on me, I turned around and took a bow while I put my shoe back on.

When I finally got on stage, I looked down at my notes and stepped away.  I was in a elegantly decorated ball room adorned with ribbons, flowers, gowns and smiles. I had the attention of the biggest hearts in Philly.  I wanted to speak from my heart.  I don't know what I actually said, but  I hope it sounded something like this:

I feel like I do not deserve an award like this, but I am certainly not going to turn away the opportunity to be in-front of a large crowd!  What do I want to say to the room filled with everyone who means everything to my health and happiness? I can't say thank you enough.   I am saying thank you because I was nominated to receive this award, and because I was given the opportunity to be nominated to receive this award.  Three cross country mountain bike seasons ago, I was given a bike, and the advice and friendship of some of the most amazing people in the biking community.  Thank you Dr. Wilson, for looking at me straight in the eye and saying, this will not be easy.  I realized at my first race I attended that I was on an elite team. Thank You to Nikki, Selene, Cheryl, Kathleen, Jesse and the rest of the team for taking an individual sport and turning into a team mission, and a team to be reckoned with!  

Kristin Gavin, my trainer, found me when I had no idea what I wanted to be.  She not only taught me how to ride a bike, but showed me the person I want to be.  She showed me how to push through when no one understands why riding a bike is more important than a 'real job'.  Sometimes, you have bigger fish to fry.

Dr. Wilson, the biggest thank you of all goes to you, because when I was in kindergarten, I didn't know I would make it through elementary school.  Because of your work and your innovative ideas and determination to change lives, and make them better, after 5 years of college, all I want to do is ride my bike!

Thank you!

I want to mention three special men in my life:  Shane Watters, Matt Gindlesparger, and Nate Cross.  Because for a week these guys picked me out of the mud, (literally) pushed me up mountain sides (literally) and made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry (literally). And at the end of every race, they waited for me (sometimes for over an hour) and told me I was last but not least. 

They are Team CF.  They are everyone here.  Everyone is here has someone they want to help pick out of the mud.  Everyone here has a CFer that they are trying to push up a mountain side.  Well, Thank you!!  I don't know if you saw the slide show about the medicines, or if you realize the effect they are having on us CFers, but if you haven't realized yet:  I am here, Craig (an unsung hero of the night!) is here, and everyone else with CF is hanging around a little longer and living life a little fuller because the medicines you helped to fund. 

I think we can all agree that Team CF, even with all the champions, muscles, determination and skill on the team, would have never won a bike race without a bike.  Funding for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and its support of medical research is the bike to Team CF.  We cannot push the life expectancy back without improved treatments and medicines.  Dr. Wilson gave us tools to motivate and inspire ourselves and others, let’s keep the inspiration moving!

I will gladly accept this Shining Star award because everyone in this room has put so much into the hope that is Team CF and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Team CF is a meteor shower of shining, flipping, slamming, jumping and mostly winning stars. I am honored to represent the CFers and keep on riding!

I said thank you today at 24, and with your help, I’ll be thanking you at 35, 45 and If I haven't flipped over my bike handle bars one too many times, I will be thanking you at 75!

Now, we are fighting so hard for tomorrows, honoring yesterday’s fight, so let’s dance our pants off tonight!

Day 7: The Last Day!

After day 6, after the disappointment that turned into a greater realization, and after the hope and loss of hope, the support and the exhaustion, I thought day 7 would be a walk in the park! Didn’t I notice NOONE WAS WALKING! This is a bike race! Now Peddle!

The course on the last day was 15 beautiful bouncy mountain miles.  On this day my bike dads/ Team CF support, Matt and Shane, rode with me.  The starting line was the same as it was the first day, but we were miles away from where we began.  I thought this ride was going to be nothing, but It sure was something!

I could hardly move my legs, but we had fun. The last day of rocks, mud and screaming crowds.  The last ride, the last bit of A&D cream, the last push.  And as I turned the last corner and heard the crowd, I thought ‘ This is it!’ Hahaha silly me! I had one final hill. I pushed my way up (and pushed the tears down). I came through the trees to the clearing and saw Dominic at the finish line! It was a movie scene, all of the effort was paying off and there was a handsome man waiting for me in the end. ALRIGHT!!! As I approached the yellow tape and Dom with fortitude, I noticed everyone (including Dom) was pointing to my left. 

NOOO!!!! The course finished with a victory lap around the lake! No movie scene for me! Hahaha I was so close! As I rounded the lake, I never took my eyes off the finish line.  I came through the redbull arc with my hands in the air: I couldn’t believe it! DONE!

I wanted to hug everyone and everything! I threw my bike down and did a little dance! THANK GOD! THANK TEAM CF! THANK MATT AND SHANE AND DOM AND KRISTIN AND NIKKI AND MY DAD AND MY MOM AND THANK GOD IT WAS OVER!!!  Within two minutes I was handed a beer, and there was a cameraman interviewing me.  I was one happy Duck!   

The epic didn’t turn out how I had hoped: The epic, was more epic than I ever imagined!

Let’s do it again next year!