Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#MCM14 Training!

Training for MCM14

Sarah in her Pittsburgian YOU CAN DO IT post run glory!

Sarah and I used a 'first time marathoner' training plan. She lives in the beautiful, and perpetually cloudy Pittsburgh.

Me basking in my Oh. I JUST DD THAT relief!

I live in the wonderful suburbs of Baltimore. Developed by the creator of the Sims (not actually but my neighborhood does look like a Sims creation).

We shared progress, stories, stats and sweaty post runmotivational selfies!
Training treats were a serious perk!

Sarah is at least 6 inches taller than me. We have always run at the same pace. Which is why we make such great running partners. However, we feared that we would develope different paces as training progressed. Despite all of our height, trainign backgrounds, and geological differeces, our pace remained EXACTLY the same! WHUUH! We were set to run hand in hand the whole marathon through!  

Every week was a physical challenge. At the point where our training schedule called for running a 1/2 marathon at least once a week, I doubted my ability to finish every training run. And then I would finish EVERY TRAINING RUN.

Imagine the deep fear pre-run being replaced by feeling
amazingly accomplished & astonished
 by your own abilities on a weekly basis.

I am proud of my ability to push myself, overcome doubt, and accomplish physical achievements. I learned more about myself than I ever have. No one made me run, and no one was watching. Just Sarah and I and our sweaty post run 'YOU CAN DO IT, TOO' text exchanges.

By the final week of runing, we had both run 22 miles. The last 4.2 can't be that bad, right?!

Come back soon to see!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Marine Corps Marathon 2014: Destine to POO my pants in front of millions! #RunWithTheMarines

February 2014 my favorite running partner and SisterCousinFace (as we call eachother), Sarah, signed us up for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery. 

SisterCousinFace, Sarah, is on Mailman Santa's Right!  (P.S. That was my favorite dress because it had roses!)

Sarah decided to be a runner 4 years ago, and has been my running partner ever since.  She's amazing! So, when she told me her idea to run a marathon, I thought "Sure! Let's put our names in the lottery!". I did not think I would be chosen.  She might, but definitely not me.

One year ago this week, she called me to tell me she received her email saying she was in! CONFIRMED! She would be running 26.2 miles on October 26, 2014.  I was 250 miles away and  immediately  relieved that I hadn't received the same email. (WOO! That was a close one!)   I assured her that I would cheer her on in a BIG way!
During this conversation, Sarah pondered how she would run alone. As she mentioned that she wasn't sure she wanted to run alone, my phone 'bing'ed.  "CONGRATULATIONS, KAITLYN! YOU HAVE REASON TO CELEBRATE..." (MCM actually told me I have Reason! I've been looking for my Reason for so long!! MCM knew what was up!)

but really I felt like:
.........Holy Moly.....
..............sigh..........OHHHHhhhhhhh Boy!
....................................................I was already planning my clever encouragement signs.
and then finally I came to:
Alright!!!! Lets train!

Sometimes you're the princess, sometimes you're the pea! Sarah's Usually the Princess.
  At the time I was training for London to Paris.  My Marine Core Marathon Training would start the day I returned to the USA.

Here are some of my pre-training stats:
2 - lovely ladies running MCM 14
7 miles.- most I had ever run at once
15 - weeks to train
26.2 - end goal
1 million - times a day I worried about publicly pooping my pants during the run.
0 excuses.

Our love affair with running! Here we go!!!!
I will recap my training in the next post!

2014 In review!

My life on December 31, 2013 was very different than it is today.

I'm terrified of my life being stagnate. Or more realistically, I'm prone to getting excited about new projects or ideas that I never actually accomplish anything!  I can barely sit down for my meds! So to combat this, I make daily, weekly and yearly goals.  This helps me stay on track when there are lots of shiny objects around!  Three aspects of my life that I constantly evaluate and do my best to improve are my career, health and fitness, and my relationships.  This week I looked back at the start of 2014 vs today.  I learned A LOT!

Dec 2013 Career:

  • Serving at Petite Louis, a wonderful and fancy bistro.  I learned about wine and cheese(!!) but it is not the career I am looking for.
  • Just started working P/T Odd hours at a Radio station! (Hoping my foot was far enough in the door!) 

Dec 2014 Career:

  • I'm a producer and contributor on the Mix 106.5 Morning show in Baltimore! Laughing every day is part of the job! I couldn't be luckier! My last day at Petit Louis was a huge financial risk because I was only part time at the radio station, but with the support of my loved ones the risk paid off! 
  • Talent for 8 months on New Country 106.1 and presented the award for the first annual Maryland Music Awards!
  • I am also an Editor for a local news station on the weekend mornings.  Very fun with a great team and supportive atmosphere! (I'm up on whats happening and learning new editing systems.)
I am ecstatic to be able to support myself doing work I went to school for! This was a huge confidence boost and gave me A LOT of motivation and encouragement to work on my skills and follow my heart!

2013 Health/Fitness:

  • Trying to find a balance between personal exercise for me and exercising my pitbull, energetic, too cute to leave at home love to play tug Pup!

2014 Health and Fitness:

  • Rode Bike with my Dad from London to Paris! WHATTTT!!!! WHOODA THUNK?! (This also ended my coffee boycott which I had started in after my last test of College in 2011 when I vowed to not drink a sip of coffee until I reached France!)
  • Ran a Marathon! WHATTTT!!!! And with one of my favorite people on earth! The physical accomplishments were just the icing on the cake! Between getting to spend time with my Dad in my favorite place on earth, (and having him trust me with the trip and the language! Talk about risks!!), and pushing myself to do something I phyiscally was not sure if I could Physically do, RUN 26.2 MILES!

I honestly feel like I can do ANYTHING! I learned the importance of training. Mind, body and spirit is a constantly working toward a goal, even if you don't have an exact goal set yet, you'll never be set back by moving forward!

2013 Family and Friends:

I'll see ya when I see ya! Working nights and weekends is NOT the easiest to party around!

2014 Family and Friends:

This was the toughest aspect of my year. Because I was working every morning, I wasn't able to spend as much time as I would have liked with Family and Friends.  Nonetheless, both of my sisters replicated themselves and gave us a Wyatt and Violet! I was able to be there for their first few days and even got to spend a few days in December with my friends in NYC.
My Mom turned 50 and we threw her a pretty kick ass get together if I don't say so myself! Made awesome by her hilarious friends shes made throughout the 1/2 century!
Did I mention I ran a marathon with my best friend and spent 3 weeks in France with my dad?
So, all in all, not all time was lost! 

Here's to 2015!! Bring It on!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spoiler Alert: WE MADE IT! What happened between then and now that will make you say WWWWhhatt!!!!!!!?????

"I am sitting here reliving our ride and I can't stop smiling" - Friday afternoon text from Pops

I can not believe I am sitting at home sipping coffee as memories of the English countryside, little French towns and big French inclines replay in my mind! (Not to mention all the in-betweens!)

This weekend I am compiling videos and photos from every day of our journey.  Then, starting Monday July 21, I will be posting Day by Day posts! Starting with Monday, We wake up on Day 1 and the adventure begins before we even get to the meeting point! With the possibilities of mechanicals, cramps and GETTING LOST fly through our heads and hearts. 
Relive the adventure of a lifetime with us!!
Here we GOOOOO!!!!

As Always, I can not say THANK YOU enough to all of our sponsors! You'll see how we say thank you on Friday!!! YYYEAAA BUDDY!!!!

See You on Monday!!!

P.S. If you'd like to ccontribute to our cause, the CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION, Please feel free! The links are on the right side of this post, and on the top!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Flight! Here we go!

Oh my!
I am currently typing on a French key board! So forgive my spelling mistakes! (every misplaced q should be an A)

I am lying awake in bed, it's 5:03 am and I recieve a text: 'I a just sitting here waiting! ' - Papa Dukes
It's go time! We weren't planning on meeting until 6am, but now I have an excuse to get going!

Go over my pqcking list
Play with the dog <3 am="" going="" him.="" i="" miss="" nbsp="" p="" to="">fiddle faddle
add last minute items
take a selfie with my little family
grab a kiss and Im out the door!!

I pull up to my parents house and Pops is looking out the front door!

"ready to go?" He asks
I know we are both going to have to demonstate a lot of patience to get on during this trip, and it is immediately apparent.
"Give me ten minutes on the computer"
He gives me a look.
"A few minutes here will save us lots of stress later" I say
He gives me the okay, and I know he understands.

An hour and a half later he comes into the compter room.
"Whats going on?" He is being patient
Luckily, I had just finished booking one of our hotels and our bus trip from Paris to London.

We load the car, kiss Mom, and make amazing timing (and gas milage) driving to NYC, thanks to my beloved Prius!

JFK was easy! We are through security and waiting at the Terminal; we decide to grab a bite and a beer. We are nervous and excited and relxed! We take a selfie and an announcement comes over the speaker: 'Iceland air flight 612 has been cancelled. Please come to the gate to recieve further instruction.'

Rut Row!

We find we are redirected to a direct flight, Air France! Collect our bags, bikes, and run across the airport.
We had to fight for our bikes to be transported! Repay for bike flight, and at 7pm (8hrs after e were suppose to take off), we were in the emergency exit seats, chatting with our neighbors.

8hr flight filled with fidgeting, trying to sleep, and 6hr time difference later we hear " We re preparing for landing at Charles De Galle"


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Got Some Air Time!

I'm refreshing my French for when my Dad is freaking out and I am saying something like "We lost dog city need shoes, restaurant. Please!?" for when we need directions....

My parents were never in a news studio, so they were unbearable.  Pops felt like a movie star, had my mom doing hair and make up and was demanding fresh Snickers.  My mom was his manager, with a makeup container, starbucs coffee and a large flash camera.
Here it is!

Actually they were adorable and excited to see where I worked! We can't wait for our trip!

I've added links to the top and right side of the page

Thank you so much for donating, reading, watching and supporting!

<3 a="" b="" for="" reason="" roses="" team="">

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It has been some time since I last posted, so let me fill you in on the latest:

Next week, on July 9th, My Pops, Dad, PAPA DUKES, Old Man, and I are RIDING OUR BIKES  FROM LONDON TO PARIS!

We set up the trip all by happenstance of pregnent sisters, non changing flights and an extreme desire to drink coffee in the French country side!  We book the trip in January, and through the snow, cold, rain and sudden heat, have been training our BUTTS OFF! LITERALLY!

I made a semi cohesive Video to start off our campaign! Check it out!

We are looking to raise $5000 AND THEN GET IT MATCHED!!  All of the money we raise is going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  A foundation that funds a vast majority of the treatments and technoligies and advances made towards treating and finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  We can not thank them enough for their support, love and passion for life! SO WE BIKE ABOUT IT!

We are so excited and can't wait to have you join us!
Of course we wouldn't leave The States without properly celebrating it's wonderful freedoms on the 4th of July!  We will relaz with family, friends firecrackers and hotdogs!
Then on the 5th, we hop on a plane to PARIS!  Pops has never flow over seas!!! He is as adorably nervous and a macho guy can be. (hehe)
We have a few days in Paris to acclimate to teh time and carb load on crescents, baguettes, and crepes!


Here is what our ride looks like:  

Day 1: London to Calais
Our challenge begins bright and early from Crystal Palace heading south en route to the coast.
Day 2: Calais to Abbeville
La belle France! Stunning picturesque countryside awaits us in northern France as we travel south.
Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais
Our route this morning follows the river Somme out of Abbeville.
Day 4: Beauvais to Paris
Our final day of cycling and the big push to Paris, our final destination. THROUGH THE ARC DE TRIUMPH!

We will be blogging and vlogging the whole time! AHH! I can't wait! And am SO SCARED! lol


All the love!
Kaitlyn Rose and Pops

It's your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness! Go get it!